Dear diary...

Idea Super talking about Owely
08/10/2009 03:35
IdeaSuper is official partner of the project wrote about our start, thats very nice article that is telling more how you can use owely

Sign Up is closed
08/10/2009 01:28
Owely now have more than 100 users generating feedback about how to improve the system and make it more usable. For this purposes we are closing sign up for reconstruction, hope we will get back soon.

Mind Board
08/10/2009 01:23
Owely now have Mind board, some sort of private twitter for friends& family http://twitpic.com/ddku9

08/08/2009 01:29
Now we have `Settings` and RSS for blog. Also if someone is interested we have twitter to follow http://twitter.com/owely_com

Site is running
08/07/2009 01:37
Site is up and running, mostly we are testing for #iPhone, feel free to give a hint about other #mobile platforms.

08/07/2009 01:31
Owely - is one small and very smart owl. It helps people store #minds, and #share them between colleges, friends and family.

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