How to work with screenshot?

After you captured the screen you will notice blue border around your screen this means you are in screenshot edit mode.
On the top you will notice message "Press Esc to save".

You can do few things on the screenshot: Drawing, Writing comments and Crop. We will review each of this tools.
First of all click anywhere on the screen with right mouse button to trigger tools menu, like this :

By default you are working with Drawing tool, so you can just press on the screen and draw your marks on it like you see red arrows on the screen below.
To write comments in yellow frames you should press "Ctrl + T" and put some text afer you will draw textframe. If you want to switch on drawing from text frames
press "Ctrl + D".

Also if you want to change the crop area choose Crop in the menu, all other area will apear in shadow like on the screenshot below. Only area
that is bright will be stored and send to the server.
Don't worry while editing the crop all your drawings will be hidden, so they won't overlap screenshot.

When you finished press "Esc" key to prepare issue upload.