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Chatting owls

Replace ton of words with 1 screenshot

having problem of explaining something over Internet is common in our days, everyday we send tons of SMS, emails and chat messages to explain something very simple. Now you can replace all this with one image — Owely screenshot.
Capture what you see and mark your idea, check video how.


Fresh Owely updates

13 Jun 2010, 05:40
  There were some problem with new Mac OS version, some people had interesting screenshots like on the picture. We thought that it's some sort of avant-garde design hidden somewhere deep...

Mac OS version is here

8 Jun 2010, 15:14
    It's nice that Mac OS version if Owely is going live at same time as WWDC 2010, it's not for iphone but just for our apple users, that really want simplest screenshot sharing tool....

Few words about tech

28 Apr 2010, 02:25
Hi all Owely people. We'd like to keep you posted and disclose some info on how it's going with new Owely client release for Windows and Mac platforms. Here is the framework we've choosen to develop...

Brand new Design

26 Apr 2010, 03:31
 We are glad to announce our new design in Owely, it's much more clear and  we love it so much that decided release before major desktop application updates. One of the things that inspired...

Small update

29 Mar 2010, 03:00
Hi everybody,we prepared small update on last found issues, this couldn't help without your feedbacks. So here is the list:1. Fixed multi-login problem, now if you use Owely of few PC's it will work...
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