Thursday, January 28, 2010

User agreement for Owely

Agree or not agree, your questions are important for us. At least what we think is important, still during publicity of the project we want to talk about Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, so you would know what we are doing with your important data. So everybody that afraid about keeping sensitive information at Owely can sleep well without worries, we are working hard to make walls bigger.

Great news everyone

(said professor in from Futurama)
We've lunched new version of Owely application that work stable offline and can even go "sleep" if no connection was found. This improvement is step to make tool work offline in the future and synchronize with website when you go online.

Also we are preparing big update for website with advanced function of issue tracking system, deadline settled to 05 Feb, so check the news... big wave upcoming...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Updates overflow

Lately we had a lot of updates for our client application. Sorry for that, I think we will do some normal update schedule, not faster than 1 week period, so updating window won't appear each morning. So you can set "run at windows start" without worries.

Thous updates was linked with large amount of issues that we found from users feedbacks, thank you for your time, I really appreciate it. Also I want to say something about future plans and stuff gathered from feedbacks:
1. Help is very important to use even for this simple application, so during next week it will be ready
2. We are planing to have more features on Capture Screen mode, so text comments can be inserted right away
3. Also we plan to expand upload feature to multiple uploads in same time or attaching multiple screenshots to same issue
4. On the site there will be some updates during development, for example we will run search and manage of issues, so much more features will appear. Check the blog or twitter to be update :)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

User sign up open

Step by step Owely moving forward to beautiful better future, still it's not a Pandora from Avatar, but for our small team it's big step. Free sign up is available at Owely website . Everybody are welcome to join and help us develop this product from small seed to something big and wonderful.

Free account is giving you ability to upload and share screenshots, but it will be limited to view only last 20 uploaded issues. I think that premium functionality will be for thous who want work in Owely everyday and free will be for sharing screenshots without taking care of managing them on the site. Something can change during development, but this is our starting plan.
I hope you will enjoy our beta and let me know if something occurs.


We are happy to start our Owely service to help people better understand each other when they see only chat windows, emails, tons of text. Breaking this wall is main target for whole our team.

1 minute video that show use case of Owely in ordinary life: