Monday, March 29, 2010

Small update

Hi everybody,

we prepared small update on last found issues, this couldn't help without your feedbacks. So here is the list:
1. Fixed multi-login problem, now if you use Owely of few PC's it will work fine with same login information

2. When you logged on the website it will store your info for a month, so no need to re-login everyday and if you check Owely often then no need to re-login at all. Still if you are using some public PC, you can switch one day mode by checking "it's not my computer, don't store my session"

3. Now there is last 3 news under the login, so you can keep track of last news on main page.

Have nice sunny spring week. Don't fight with your clients, send them Owely screenshots with flowers ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

New news

Hi everyone,

some new publication about Owely on, now it's official that there is use in Owely, hehe. More you can read here.

Now some more exciting news for MacOS and Linux users, we started working on client for these platforms and looking forward to finish it this spring, I really hope it will be in one month, but you know how it can be, you are trying your best and when deadline arrives there is still "few things left". So keep in touch with latest news, and you won't miss it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fly with Owely

Good day everyone,

Thanks to the tons of feedback we got during the last few days, our small promotion actions were more successful than expected. Yesterday was a strange day as we had some small problems with the .NET framework on old Windows XP versions, but during the night everything was resolved.

Few news we've got this day

1. KillerStartups publication
2. Softpedia verified and hosted Owely desktop application, so now you can install it without worries from here

We are preparing new functions for your needs that are upcoming in a month. Our team should have good weekend sleep and renew energy, special thanks to Yuriy Tyukhnin and Artem Kanischev.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Owely Release

Owely have grow up to be nice bird and now ready to fly. We are happy to present first fully working version. There was a lot of changes during last few weeks, some of those changes was very crucial.
From now on will be social project without going into bug tracking system, so we removed everything that inform about this. This decision was made during user experience, our users mostly used it for fast screen sharing between colleagues and just as screen memo. So now we have most full version, lets check what is inside

1. Crop - it was most wanted feature to have ability for croping screenshot to show just one area, so now we have 3 different ways of doing screenshot: Ctrl+Win+D - full screenshot, Ctrl+Win+W - active window screenshot, Ctrl+Win+R - capture the region on the screen.
Also there is new tool Crop in the context menu on screenshot editing:

2. Undo/Redo - for thous who make small mistakes it will return normal ability to undo last changes to go throw all process history to the point where it was looking good.

3. Bookmark & Share/Embed code - issue page now have embed code that you can use in your blogs and websites, also there is ability to share your screenshot by "" button that more than 100 services such as "Google, Facebook, Twitter,....". Check for this button Bookmark and Share

4. Domain change, now main Owely address is, sorry for inconvenience but you will need login again, and for thous who use saved passwords in browsers will need to store them again.

Basically thats all, check our latest news on this blog. And let us know how you use Owely.