Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Few words about tech

Hi all Owely people. We'd like to keep you posted and disclose some info on how it's going with new Owely client release for Windows and Mac platforms. Here is the framework we've choosen to develop cross-platform app

We hope you are excited as we are, also small insight of how it will look like, check the screenshot :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Brand new Design

 We are glad to announce our new design in Owely, it's much more clear and  we love it so much that decided release before major desktop application updates. One of the things that inspired us was "Save the Pixel" book, there is nice words: Design is not art, it's communication with client.
  I hope now it will be more pleasant for everybody to work, play and having good time during "hard talk" with
colleagues and friends. So don't forget Owely is for simplifying the life, making communication more transparent.

P.S. we are about finishing Windows and Mac OS desktop application. I thought it will be in end of spring, but things are going so well so it will be somewhere near by. stay tuned