Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Update

Hi everyone,
we've prepared big update for Owely, we are still moving to fill the website with functionality and moving forward for bright future.
A lot of work was done for last few weeks, and in the end we decided to put something special on the top:
1. NO LIMITATION for Free subscription, so now you can view all issues.
2. We added manage functions for issue such as Edit, Delete.

3. New issue view that helps you too see everything on one page, and zoom in to see details on the screenshot (if you will find something is missing let us know)
4. Account settings page, you can set your time zone so all dates will show your local time. Also we put Display name it will be shown everywhere in the system, email is too long for that.
5. We did some more preparation for further version adding Projects and Price plans , for now everybody will have only one project but if you check paid subscriptions there will be much goods for that, check

As usual let us know what you think by comments or write feedback