Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Owely goes Premium

  Today is big day for all Owely crew, we are moving toward new features. Because this takes a lot of hard work and support our service now have two membership : Free and Premium. None of old features are going away, everybody who registered have Free membership automatically and thats only adds some screenshot storage limitation of 50Mb wich is 100+ screenshots, that pretty much for average use. If you exceed this limitation don't worry, none of your data will be removed, everything remains. You just need to  remove some old screenshots, so you will have more space to put new ones.
  So what are new cool features we present: 1Gb of storage, Groups of privacy and no ads. One of feature we was asked the most was limiting access to your screen shot for some group of people, that what is groups about. You create your group and add your co-workers of family members, so your sensitive information can be kept safely. Let us know what you desire to see in Premium account and we will add it. And it's like $12 a year and you still have ability to refund your order in 30 days, if you won't like it, so give a shot.

  That's not all, we are preparing big update of the Owely desktop application, that will better suits new requirements and we need some time for that. But there is chance that this week we will get new version with automatically updating function, so no need of downloading new version every time.

P.S. there are still some issues with groups logic in old application, this stuff will be fixed with new update. Stay tuned.

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